Remembrance Garden at the Stoevers Dam Nature Barn

In a quiet place in the city of Lebanon is a garden of remembrance for those we treasured who are no longer with us. Mother, father, brother, sister, friend their names are written on bricks side-by-side so we can recall the joy and love we shared with them. This is a place where we contemplate what they meant to us and still are inside of us. Though our tears flow freely for lives cut short, our smile tells of lives lived fully. It is a small place, yet in our hearts it is a very large place. A few bricks, a gravel trail, a flower garden and a bench to sit upon may not seem much for so many lifetimes, but for those who mourn and smile, it is enough.

To have your loved one memorialized on a paver in the garden, please call 717-274-3415.

946 Miller St, Lebanon, PA 17046