One in four Pennsylvania high school students report using an e-cigarette, or vaping, in the past month.

Many kids and their parents falsely believe vaping is safe. Vaping among students is a health crisis.  In Pennsylvania, students are reporting 30-day e-cigarette use at higher rates than the national average.  Use by both 10th and 12th graders has gone up since 2015.

In Lebanon county:

These statistics and more can be found in the 2019 PAYS report for Lebanon County.

Of all students surveyed (grades 6, 8, 10, 12) 15.9% of Lebanon County students vaped within 30 days of survey (overall PA 16.3%)

Of all students surveyed, 49% of students who vape in Lebanon County are using nicotine (versus 29.4% of their PA state-wide counterparts)

  • 31% of grade 12 students reported vaping within 30 days of survey
  • 20% of Lebanon County students surveyed who admitted to vaping within 30 days didn’t know what substance they were inhaling
  • There is a significant increase in 30 day usage between Lebanon County 8th and 10th graders: roughly twice the percentage of grade 10 students, as compared to 8th graders, reported 30 day usage (23.4% versus 11.5%)


The Community Health Council Tobacco Coalition in collaboration with the American Heart Association and the American Lung Association are working locally to combat the e-cigarette epidemic.

DDAP’s State Epidemiological Outcomes Workgroup (SEOW) has been working to develop two infographics related to vaping. Each includes data on vaping-related Instagram posts with a tie in to the importance of building media literacy skills.

The infographics are attached in two formats. The png versions have a separate file for each page.

For Schools

Link to PDF: https://www.ddap.pa.gov/Documents/SEOW/2019%20Media%20Literacy%20Education%20Vaping%20in%20Pennsylvania.pdf

We partnered with the American Heart Association to address teen vaping. Watch our informational webinar.

For Parents/Caregivers

Link to PDF: Link to PDF: https://www.ddap.pa.gov/Documents/SEOW/2019%20Vaping%20and%20Pennsylvania%20Youth.pdf