Collaborations & Initiatives

The Age Wave Initiative of Lebanon County is a group of volunteer business, health care and aging services professionals concerned with the changing demographics of the Baby Boom generation and advocating for those new or additional services that may be needed.

The Better Together initiative is a multi-agency collaboration in Lebanon County that the Community Health Council participates in.  Over 60 agencies in the county are working together to break down silos and work collaboratively in order to improve the quality of life and create a healthier environment for all citizens. 

Communities that Care

Communities That Care (CTC) is a process that takes communities through a well-defined and structured process to prevent adolescent problem behaviors and promote positive youth development.  Lebanon County has been designated as by the Communities that Care organization since the mid-2000’s.

Connected Together strives to heal and prevent trauma by connecting community members to each other in meaningful, healthy relationships, both professional and personal.

Formed in 1990 under the United Way of Lebanon County, the Coalition now operates as part of the Community Health Council. The purpose of the LCCEH is to provide leadership in the eradication and prevention of homelessness in Lebanon County.

We love walking! There are so many places to enjoy the Lebanon Valley on Foot. Below, don’t forget to check out our calendar for all the upcoming walking events around the County.

Mentor A Mother is a full support group to empower the young mothers of our community in a safe, supporting environment. To better serve our community, our age group now encompasses young mothers up to 25 years old. For more information on our services or to attend a group meeting, please contact us at 717-685-9442 or mentoramother@gmail.com

Lebanon County Tobacco and Vaping Coalition

The Lebanon County Tobacco and Vaping Coalition offers a wide range of tobacco control services for the community

The Lebanon County Suicide Prevention Task Force is a collaboration of community members, providers, and schools working together for the prevention of suicide.