The Community Health Council is seeking applications for a Data Analyst.


The goal of the Lebanon County Communities That Care Initiative is to mitigate the harmful impacts of early trauma and adversity, build the capacity of service providers in Lebanon County to identify and intervene in traumatic responses to adverse experiences in both children and adults, and to implement the Communities That Care Framework to build a violence prevention strategy in four targeted communities in Lebanon County. This effort will build the skills of community leaders in Lebanon City, Annville Township, Myerstown Borough, and Palmyra Borough, which collectively represent the four communities with the highest proportion of families facing poverty or living on a survival budget according to the United Way’s 2019 ALICE Report.

To accomplish these goals, the Community Health Council partnered with several key program partners to plan the enclosed funding proposal. Among these partners are the Sexual Assault Resource & Counseling Center (SARCC), Empower the Mind, LLC, Domestic Violence Intervention of Lebanon County (DVI), United Way of Lebanon County, and the Better Together – Connected Together Mental Health Action Team. Early phases of the project involved establishing access to no-cost trauma therapy and providing scholarships for local mental health providers to receive training and consultation in an evidence-based trauma intervention.

In the current phase of the project, the Connected Together Coordinator and other program partners are training and mobilizing teams of community stakeholders in Lebanon City, Annville Township, Palmyra Borough, and Myerstown Borough to implement the Communities That Care program. These community leaders are completing training in violence prevention, trauma-informed responses, and community mobilization. We would like to solicit data analysis and a summary report on local PAYS (PA Youth Survey) and DDAP surveys in the area school districts to assist in planning a violence prevention strategy that is unique to their community and needs.


We are seeking bids from organizations, researchers, or public health professionals with experience in data analysis. Consultant should understand the basics of analyzing PAYS survey results and the use of archival data sources such as Uniform Crime Reports, Census data, etc., as well as archival data on poverty, teen pregnancy, school drop out and youth crime rates for the specified geographic area within the last five years.

Additionally, we would prefer to work with individuals that have experience with other social justice or public health issues, and/or are located in the central Pennsylvania region. At the conclusion of the project, the successful contractor will provide four summary reports presenting data and trends for consideration for Lebanon City, PA, Annville Township, PA, Myerstown, PA, and Palmyra, PA.


We are looking for a consultant, organization, or group who has prior experience compiling, reviewing, summarizing, and presenting data.  This project will require a significant amount of collaboration with both the Connected Together Coordinator (SARCC) and the Executive Director of the Community Health Council.

Survey data should be analyzed and reported in a format that facilitates comparing levels of risk and protection across all risk and protective factor scales. Relevant archival data should be analyzed and reported as rates per the relevant population.

The consultant will prioritize the community’s risk and protective factors and suggest priorities to the Community Boards for approval. The individual Communities That Care Boards will reach agreement on which populations have high risk and low levels of protection.

We seek a partner that would be able to complete this project within 4-6 weeks of finalizing our consultant agreement.



  1. Applicant name and/or agency and contact information.
  2. Describe relevant expertise and experience related to data analysis and public health. 
  3. List specific work you have conducted with a similar focus and provide three samples of previous work.
  4. Describe your proposed process for collaborative app development.
  5. Describe your familiarity with aggregate data sources including Census Data, Uniform Crime Report, PA Youth Survey, DDAP, OJJDP Statistical Briefing Book, and RWJ County Health Rankings or other relevant data sources.
  6. Outline a project timeline for completing this process.
  7. Detail the estimated cost for development.


Proposals are to be submitted electronically to the following:

Nicole Mauer, Executive Director, Community Health Council, nray3@wellspan.org