You Matter Initiative

Sharing the message that “You Matter”

Our task force recognizes the true importance of relationships and how each interaction affects us, as well as those around us.  We have an incredible ability to touch lives each day in a positive way.

So we developed the You Matter Initiative.    This initiative is a local grass roots effort to share a positive message of hope, healing, and wellness to every person in our community by providing acknowledgement, validation and a sense of belonging through sharing the single message “You Matter”.    Our task force members are ready to bring this message to everyone in the community through a short 10 minute presentation.   To schedule a presentation, please call 717-274-3415.

The You Matter message has the potential to improve the morale, self-esteem, wellness and cohesiveness of our entire community!

Help support our efforts by purchasing a You Matter t-shirt. Please use call 717-274-3415 to purchase a t-shirt!

Background of “You Matter”

The “You Matter” campaign was introduced in our schools in September 2017 with the hope that it would flow into the community at large.  We had LeAnn Hull, an accomplished business woman from Arizona, who lost her 16 year old son to suicide and is now committed to suicide prevention and awareness, provide presentations to each of the six public school districts in Lebanon County and one community evening event during the week of September 18, 2017.  After each presentation, each student was given two wristbands with the message “You Matter” printed on them.  The students were encouraged to wear one of the wristbands to serve as a visual reminder of their own worth and that their life is worth living.  They were challenged to award the other wristband to someone in their circle of life that matters to them.



We have various distribution centers throughout the community where individuals can obtain additional wristbands with the hope that this project just goes viral!  This campaign has the potential to improve the morale, self-esteem, wellness and cohesiveness of our entire community!


  • Lebanon Crisis Intervention: 229 S. 4th Street, Rear, Lebanon, PA. Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 8:00pm
  • Lebanon Valley Advanced Care Center, Pinnacle Health: 1251 E. Main Street, Annville, PA. Monday – Friday
  • Myerstown Community Library, 199 N College St, Myerstown, PA 17067. Available during library hours.
  • WellSpan Philhaven Outpatient Office, 964 Isabel Drive, Lebanon, PA 17042
  • Matthews Public Library, 102 West Main Street, Fredericksburg, PA 17026
  • Lebanon County MH/ID/EI, 220 East Lehman Street, Lebanon, PA 17046
  • Welsh Mountain (Lebanon Ridge Community Health)  840 Norman Drive, Lebanon, PA 17042