Mentor A Mother

About Us

Mentor A Mother, a nonprofit organization in Lebanon County, PA, was founded by two registered nurses who recognized a need to support young mothers within the community. Here, mothers find a group of young women like themselves to engage in honest, safe, and open communication, while learning from one another in a supportive and caring environment.

Originally a mentoring program for teen mothers, the recent pandemic shed light on emerging needs of the community and young mothers. As of October 2021, the nonprofit offers a full support group to encompass mothers between the ages of 13-25.

Living up to their core values of Community, Empowerment, Integrity, and Compassion, Mentor A Mother helps women in an open and non-judgmental way as they navigate the beauties and challenges of motherhood. The organization prides itself on empowering young mothers by providing resources and guidance for parental and career goals.

The staff and volunteers are at the heart of Mentor A Mother, inspiring and empowering young women. Everyone involved—including the mothers—feels a sense of sisterhood within this welcoming and safe group setting. Young mothers can share their feelings and know they are being heard and feel a part of the community with others going through similar experiences.

Mentor A Mother envisions every young mother in Lebanon County to have a group of women like themselves where they can engage in open and honest discussion while feeling safe, supported, and empowered. All young mothers seeking support will be met with compassion.


Mentor A Mother envisions every young mother in Lebanon County to have a group of women like herself to engage in open and honest discussion, while feeling safe, supported, and empowered


Mentor A Mother empowers young mothers of the community with education, skills, and resources in a safe, supportive environment.

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Email: mentoramother@gmail.com
Phone: 717-685-9442
Mail: PO BOX 814 Lebanon, PA 17042