Signs Your Teenager Maybe Pregnant

There are many reasons that teens may not want to admit they are pregnant. They may try and can hide many of the symptoms from parents. See the below list for some signs that your teenager may be pregnant:

  • Not needing sanitary products for their period
  • A pregnancy test
  • Losing or gaining weight
  • Changes in clothing, such as wearing baggier clothing
  • Vomiting frequently in the morning or during any part of the day
  • Changes in appetite
  • Changes in sleep patterns
  • Unusual moodiness or impatience
  • Complaining of feeling dizzy or actually fainting
  • A change in a relationship with a boyfriend
  • A change in relationships with friends

Any of these signs could indicate that your teen is pregnant, or possibly has another medical condition. Parents who notice these signs in their teen daughters should to talk to them about it, and take them to a doctor appointment to discuss the concerns with a medical provider.

Having open lines of communication improves the chances that your teen will tell you if she is pregnant, and also gives you the chance to talk honestly with your teen about sex and pregnancy before it happens. If you find out that your teen is pregnant, try to stay calm and deal with your feelings so you can help your teen. A counselor can help you work through any strong negative feelings that you have.

A doctor can confirm that a teen is pregnant, and help her to begin getting medical care as soon as her pregnancy is discovered. Most communities have free or low cost medical care for pregnant women and teens.

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