Lebanon County Coalition to End Homelessness

Tip Line

We need your help to engage with vulnerable unsheltered individuals and families. If you know of any areas (parks, parking lots, wooded areas, camp grounds, abandoned buildings, etc.) where we might find someone to connect with please share that tip here

Street Sheet Resource Guide

Download our Street Sheet Printable Guide Today! Or Download this version for your phone.

About us

Formed in 1990 under the United Way of Lebanon County, the Coalition now operates as part of the Community Health Council. The purpose of the LCCEH is to provide leadership in the eradication and prevention of homelessness in Lebanon County.

Learn more by checking out our brochure, membership application, and bylaws:

And to learn what we are doing right now to fulfill our purpose, please check out our 2018-2020 strategic plan, officially approved by the Coalition membership during the January 2018 meeting: