COVID-19 Vaccine Information

Linking you to Lebanon County vaccine resources…

Lebanon County Department of Emergency Services – Check here for an updated list of vaccine providers with links.

Pennsylvania’s Vaccine Plan Phase 1A coverage has been expanded to include older adults age 65+ and anyone 16-64 with certain serious medical conditions. Places that will provide the vaccines include hospitals, pharmacies, health and urgent care centers, Veterans Affairs hospitals and home health agencies. The Department of Health’s Interim Vaccine Plan, which is being continually updated, is here:

Important Tips:

  • Try to remain patient. Right now, there is simply not yet enough vaccine to inoculate everyone who is eligible. So, even if you are eligible, you may have to wait to get an appointment to receive a vaccine. As more vaccine becomes available, more providers will be able to serve greater numbers of older adults.
  • Don’t forget the 2nd dose. Everyone receiving the vaccine MUST get both doses. The same provider must administer both shots.
  • The vaccination is free to all; however certain providers may be able to charge a fee to administer the shot. Older adults may want to ask their provider if there is a fee.
  • As things change, check back here and the Lebanon County Department of Emergency Services website for up-to-date information.