The Basics Lebanon Valley

During 2020, Connected Together positioned Lebanon County to become the first community in all of Pennsylvania to join 35 other localities in The Basics Learning Network (BLN). The BLN is the international community of organizations focused collectively on learning, innovating, and continuously improving methods of spreading The Basics Principles.

The Basics Principles are five science-based caregiving tenets of early childhood brain development, distilled from scientific literature with help from a national advisory committee of child development experts. The principles are:

  1. Maximize love, manage stress;
  2. Talk, sing, and point;
  3. Count, group, and compare;
  4. Explore through movement and play; and
  5. Read and discuss stories.

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Learn the 5 Basic Principles

Maximize Love, Manage Stress
Talk, Sing, Point
Count, group, compare
Explore through movement and play
Read and discuss stories

The Basics – Espanol

Las visión de conjunto
Dale todo el amor, controla el estres
Hablale, cantale y senalale las cosas
Cuenta, agrupa y comparale las cosas
Exploren mediante el movimiento y el juego
Lean y Comenten Cuentos

Learn more here:  thebasics.org