Aging Inspired (formerly known as Age Wave)

Welcome to Aging Inspired

Aging Inspired is a volunteer group of business, health care, and aging services professionals concerned with the changing demographics of the Baby Boom generation and advocating for those new or additional services that may be needed.

The Initiative is focusing on changes needed over the next twenty years in housing, transportation, employment/training/voluntarism, and healthcare/long-term care; in addition to who will make and pay for the changes.  

It is the intent of Aging Inspired to:

  • Raise awareness among consumers and leaders in business, government, education, health and human services about the demographic change
  • Begin dialogue within and among the different groups about the demographic changes
  • Examine creative solutions and models of housing, transportation and long-term care to address multiple needs
  • Engage all age groups in the process because the demographic changes will affect all age groups, and whatever is planned for our older population will benefit everyone

For more information or to become involved, contact us at aging@communityhealthcouncil.com or 717-270-7935.